Getting active: Using an Activity as an Alert Dialog

Activity dialog iconYou can use an activity as a custom dialog. Simply create the activity.

There’s no need to use any Dialog classes.

Here’s how you do it.

Dialog tutorials. Doing it your way: Custom dialogs

Custom dialog iconYou can use your own layout in an Alert Dialog.

The choice is yours. Choose one, choose all!

Multiple-choice list dialog logMultiple-choice list dialogs let the user select a number of items from the list.

They can also select only one item (or none).

Dialog tutorials download filesMaking a list, checking it twice…List Dialogs

Android list dialog iconYou can use three types of lists in your Alert Dialogs:

Dialogs download filesLet’s talk about Dialogs

Dialogs iconOkay, so here’s a Dialog:

Android alert dialog

We’ve all seen them in one form or another.