Professionally edit your images for free!

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Edit all your images.

Take a photo then edit it immediately!

Use the inbuilt file picker to find any image on your device or in your Google Drive.

  • Select the image
  • Load the image into the editor
  • Edit the image
  • Share the image

It’s that simple!

Be smart. Get the Free, Smart Photo Editor for perfect pictures!

Bring your images and imagination. You’ve got the tools.

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Smart Photo Editor Help

Help for users of the Smart Photo Editor Android app

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Floating Action Buttons

The Floating Action Buttons appear at the bottom of the screen.

The Share button only appears after a successful edit.

Smart Photo Edito fabs labels

Tap on one of the Floating Action buttons to perform the relevant action

Sharing images

Select the Share Floating Action Button if you want to share the edited image.

You can use any of the apps displayed in the chooser to share the edited image. For example:

  • Email the image as an attachment
  • Save in your Dropbox
  • Save in your Google Drive

Only apps installed on your device and that are capable of sharing the image will be displayed in the chooser pop-up.

Tapping the Share Floating Action Button causes an app chooser to pop up.