Using Volley to download and display images in a grid

Android Volley GridView Tutorial  grid icon

Here’s the third part of the Volley tutorial.

This is where we show you how to use Volley to download images and display them in a GridView.

Using the Universal Image Loader to populate a GridView

Universal Image Loader Library UIL Grid icon

The Universal Image Loader or UIL is a Library that you can include in your apps to take care of your images.

The Universal Image Loader Library:

  • Asynchronously downloads and loads your images for you
  • Caches the images in memory and on disk for you
  • Displays the images for you
  • Uses multithreading
  • You can configure it to suite your needs
  • You can set options for each image display
  • It's Free and Open Source

Using the Picasso Library to load images into a GridView

Android GridView icon

A GridView is a ViewGroup. It lets you show stuff in a two-dimensional grid. You can scroll the grid if there are too many items to fit on the screen.

You can control the look of the grid either dynamically or in xml.

You use a ListAdapter to load the data into the grid.

Working with images can use a lot of memory and can cause your app to hang. Our tutorial will show you how easy it is to use the Picasso Library, which is Open Source and FREE, to efficiently load your images into a grid view.